SNAP Update: SNAP Caseloads Fell in May 2018 by 2.1 Million Over Previous May; Lowest Level Since December 2009

May 2018 State Tables

National/State Trends
Nationally, the average SNAP participation level fell by 2,100,183 persons to 39,329,356 in May 2018 compared to the prior May. Participation in Massachusetts increased 1.3%, while caseloads in Alaska, Nevada, and New Mexico held steady with changes of less than 1 percent over May 2018. Participation declined in all other states and the District of Columbia. (Rhode Island’s participation data are not reported because the state is in the process of revising its data.)

Drops in participation largely reflect improvement in the unemployment rate as well as loss of eligibility for some unemployed and underemployed adults. Eleven of the twelve states with the greatest percentage one-year caseload declines in May 2018 either had no area waivers (NC, WY, SC, KS, IN, ME) or only partial area waivers (OH, TN, AZ, UT, KY) of the three-month time limit on SNAP benefits for able-bodied adults (aged 18 to 50) without dependents who do not work sufficient hours each week.